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Complete Works

In the middle of last year, I began hunting down second-hand copies of The Complete Works of George Orwell.  I use the word copies advisedly, because the complete Orwell consists of twenty tomes: nine novels and eleven volumes of collected letters, essays, journalism and fascinatingly varied jottings.

Twenty volumes.  Over eight thousand, five hundred pages in total.  And the fruit of seventeen years of hard graft by its editor, Peter Davison. Continue reading


On Interviewing

I’ve spent a fair portion of the last two days preparing for an interview that, in the end, consisted of eleven minutes of footage.  You can view the results here.

This is a more complicated process than you might imagine.  About ten emails, five hours of reading, four hours of research, three hours of travel, one hour of waiting for a media-release form and untold hours of panic and musing have gone into it.  And I’ve got it pretty easy from the technology and personnel perspective – no camera-person, no sound-person, no lighting to worry about: just me, a video camera, a microphone and the subject.

Interviews scare the pants off me, mostly because they provide endless opportunities to make a prize prat of myself on film.   Continue reading