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Servicing Is Golden

A few doors from my humble abode there is a business known as ‘Golden’.  I don’t want to know what they do, because I’m sure the reality will disappoint the expectations inspired by their tag-line: ‘Proudly Servicing Melbourne For Forty Years’.

Whatever it is they get up to, my interest in them reaches near-feverish levels when they have garage sales.  Mostly because (can you guess?) they sell books.  For the sum of ten dollars, you are presented with a plastic bag which you may stuff to splitting with the tomes spread out on the dusty concrete floor. Continue reading


Beare Goggles

The quickest way to turn anyone off reading books is presenting them with a long and unsolicited ‘must read’ list.  And the quickest way to make yourself look like a prize prat is putting a ‘must read’ list in the hands of an avid reader.  Because the avid reader will judge you on the basis of your list.

I’m an avid reader.  In fact, I’m an addict.  I’m essentially a peace-loving soul, but try to take away from me a book that I’m engrossed in… well, angels and ministers of grace defend you, is all I can say.  Because I won’t be defending you.  I’ll be doing my best to tear out your spine. Continue reading

Shrinklit Results

Welcome, ladies and gents, to the easiest post I’ll ever have to write.

About a month ago, I inaugurated a Shrinklits competition on this blog.

While the response of the general public has been underwhelming to say the least (i.e.: nobody entered), I did manage to con two members of my immediate family into coming up with the goods.

Handily, in avoiding accusations of nepotism, I can avoid giving them any prizes, but I’m putting up their (very fine) efforts here to make the rest of you green with envy.  I think I’ll keep the competition going on a monthly basis, just to see if anyone else bites.

So: read the basics about what a shrinklit is, write one, and email it to me at the address you’ll find in my about section, being sure to include a postal address. Continue reading