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Oh This Age! Oh These Manners!

Right.  Let me see if I can justify this post.  It’s not going to be typical of this blog.

It is about a writer.  That’s good.  On this blog I write about writers and writing.  But it’s really about Twitter and a Melbourne daily broadsheet called The Age.  Not so good.  There we enter unfamiliar waters.  Possibly waters marked ‘Here Be (Marine Species Of) Dragons’.  We’ll see.  But it’s also about freedom of expression and about variety of expression.  And that’s something I’ve written about before.

If, like me, you live in Victoria then you already know that last week Catherine Deveny lost her job as an opinion columnist with The Age.  And you – more or less – know why.  For any readers hailing from more far-flung areas, or any living humble lives in caves and only alleviating the boredom by reading adaironbooks.wordpress.com, a brief re-cap is probably in order.  For the rest of you, be assured that I’ll keep it very short. Continue reading


Get Thee To A Nunnery

As the month of February rapidly approaches, my thoughts turn to convents.  More specifically, they turn to The Abbotsford Convent, which hosts the annual Reader’s Feast Writers at the Convent festival, which for 2010 will be held on February 12, 13 and 14.

It’s a stunning location – great buildings, gorgeous gardens, leafy courtyards where you can indulge in an eco-friendly beer and a lentil burger while you meditate on which session to take in next.  It’s probably these surroundings that give it a much more laid-back and friendly ambiance than the Melbourne Writers Festival, although the line-up at the Convent is seldom as impressive as the MWF.

This year, unfortunately, the line-up is… well… a little bit underwhelming. Continue reading