A Purely Platonic Tribute To Angela Meyer

Lately, my thoughts have turned more and more frequently to Angela MeyerAlthough not in that way.  Really.  Purely platonic thoughts is what we’re thinking here.  Right, right, there was that one – but that was an aberration.  Seriously.  Ok, two aberrations.  My point stands.  And I don’t care if I haven’t made a point yet.  It stands nevertheless.  Anyway.  I’m jealous of Angela Meyer.  Let this be clearly understood.  She has more readers than me, she presents Q and As at literary festivals and she’s slightly more attractive than I am.  So I thought I’d see if I could generate a larger following by stealing her style.  I’m not sure how to tackle the whole slightly more attractive thing.  That might take a bit more work.

Wow.  It’s been an amazing few days.

Oooh!  Look!  A seagull!

Anyway.  I’ve been exchanging emails with Michael Challinger, whose book Anzacs in Arkhangel is going to be released by Hardie Grant next month.  I’m going to be interviewing him next Friday (I’ll keep you posted on that one!).  He’s so cheeky!  He didn’t want to do the interview at my house in front of my bookshelves because he was worried I might have a copy of Mein Kampf there somewhere!  I had to tell him that the nastiest book I’ve got is Les cent-vingt journées de sodom and now he thinks I can read French!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting a big batch of books from Pan Macmillan soon – my to-read pile is getting taller and taller!

I’ve also made contact with the wonderful women at Spinifex Publishing – they’re my favourite lesbians and feminists on the planet.  I’m looking forward to the first couple of books that I get to pick up from them in the next week or so.

And has everyone seen the new ad for PopularPenguins’ next seventy-five releases? I just love the bassoon – and what a great list of titles!

The day wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Bowie…

Rock on, readers!  We can be heroes!

The content of this post is clearly satirical: however, in the event that Misha’s body is found in a shallow grave in the near future, he would like all readers of this blog to contact the Victorian Police and nominate the most obvious suspect from the following list: Tim Winton, Bryce Courtenay, Don DeLillo, Angela Meyer, Ron Rash, Michael Leunig, Colleen McCullough or any one of his housemates.


2 responses to “A Purely Platonic Tribute To Angela Meyer

  1. I laughed. So hard. ❤

  2. Gold. Though i didn’t know Ange liked De Bowie. She should make that more obvious to everyone.

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